Left hand drive car registration


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Tips on registering a left hand drive car in the UK.

New vehicles and vehicles under 10 years old need to have a certificate of conformity as proof of type approval from the supplier or vehicle manufacturer.
Left hand drive vehicles from within the European Community will need a certificate, issued by the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), under the Mutual Recognition scheme. To show that changes have been made to the vehicle, making it suitable for use on British roads.
Cars, first registered in another European Member State, must have a certificate issued by VCA under the Mutual Recognition scheme.
Cars that are first registered in a country outside of the European Union must pass the IVA, SVA or MSVA, as appropriate.
You can apply for registration at your nearest DVLA local office. The application takes two to three working days.
The whole registration process normally takes 2-3 weeks.

We can provide help and advice on this process.